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YGGJ, KryptoGO, and IVC Launch Joint Venture, StickeyGO: Revolutionising the GameFi Wallet Landscape

StickeyGO, a joint venture company established by KryptoGO, YGG Japan (YGGJ), and Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), is thrilled to announce the launch of Stickey Wallet, a ground-breaking wallet specifically designed for the GameFi industry.

Despite the rising popularity of GameFi, many players often associate it with complex operations such as difficult login processes and cross-chain game currency conversions. This has led to a perception that, apart from ‘play to earn’, most players find it hard to simply play for fun. StickeyGO aims to break this stereotype and return the joy of gaming to its users.

This revolutionary product aims to streamline the transition from Web2 to Web3 gaming and is uniquely designed to categorize assets based on different games rather than the traditional method of using blockchain networks. This innovative approach underscores StickeyGO’s commitment to creating user-friendly solutions for gamers.

With regard to StickeyGO, KryptoGO is focusing on Web3 Infrastructure, while YGGJ is spearheading local Japanese market promotion and connecting guild resources, and IVC is introducing resources from the entire GameFi ecosystem. (Ref:

“Currently, only highly educated users in Japan can access and enjoy blockchain games and the web3 world,” said Tetsuya Fujiwara of YGG Japan. “Our mission is to bring the best IPs into the blockchain games in a user-friendly way, breaking the stereotype that GameFi is difficult to use. We’ve innovated with technology that allows users to register and login within just 30 seconds, reducing the login cost by 30%, and enhancing player satisfaction and retention rate. We are very happy that our joint venture with KryptoGO and IVC allows us to promote our newly built wallets to the Japanese web3 market in a short time.”

“KryptoGO’s role in this partnership is to optimize the experience of managing game assets on the chain,” explained Kordan Ou, CEO of KryptoGO Inc. “Many game producers in GameFi tend to develop their own blockchains, raising the bar for gamers entering the space. Our proprietary wallet and account model address this issue by placing a high emphasis on ‘asset management across multiple chains’ and ‘usability and user-friendliness’. All game assets, regardless of which blockchain the game runs on, are available and highly secure in our wallet, making it the best choice for cross-game inventory.”

To facilitate seamless entry of Web2 gamers into the Web3 world, Stickey Wallet will be integrated with GabeeTown, a content platform for recommended games. Players can enter the metaverse simply by linking their Stickey Wallet to their phone number via GabeeTown.

Launched in December 2022, GabeeTown is currently upgrading its media features. With more than 100 titles on offer and improved UI/UX for easy application downloads, GabeeTown currently boasts 10,000 monthly active users (MAU). Future marketing and promotions are set to catapult these numbers.

In coordination with the launch of Stickey Wallet, StickeyGO has collaborated with numerous Web2 and Web3 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), along with notable NFT projects for joint releases. A major promotion linked with Stickey Wallet is scheduled for Q2, aiming to attract over 100,000 users.

“Through our experience launching and investing in social games and entertainment platforms in the Japanese market, we see great potential for blockchain games to explode in Japan,” stated Akio Tanaka and Jonathan M. Hayashi of Infinity Ventures Crypto. “We are very optimistic about the combination of R&D from Taiwan with the size of the Japanese market. The compliant wallets developed by KryptoGO prove security as well as compliance, ISO certification, serving government and financial institutions, and receiving investment from Taiwan’s sovereign funds is a testament to their quality. It is a pleasure to be involved with KryptoGO in the development and delivery of the wallet, which is an important first step for YGGJ to bring a new era of gaming culture and user experience to Japan.”

On the event horizon, YGGJ has recently announced activities at the forthcoming IVS 2023. The event includes “SHAKE! KYOTO”, a contest for new-age Web3 games hosted by YGG Japan, Japan’s largest Web3 game platformer. The contest connects game creators and publishers, fostering an environment for innovative Web3 game projects.


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