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Why Organisations Should Leverage the Hottest Tech Trends to Support Their Safety and Quality Programs

 RizePoint, a technology leader in the food safety, quality management, compliance, and social responsibility space, is spotlighting the hottest tech trends that support safety and quality programs, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality. These innovative technologies allow organizations across various sectors to monitor safety and quality, identify food safety risks, boost transparency and traceability, ensure product authenticity, provide more engaging training for staff, and more.

According to Paul Damaren, Executive Vice President, Business Development at RizePoint, the hottest technologies to elevate safety and quality programs include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. These technologies are increasingly being used for monitoring and maintaining safety and quality. For example, AI can be used to predict equipment failures and schedule preventative maintenance to avoid accidents or downtime. In the food industry, machine learning algorithms can predict food safety risks based on various parameters, such as storage conditions, handling, etc.
  • Internet of Things (IoT). Organizations are relying on IoT devices to monitor a wide range of safety and quality parameters in real-time, such as temperature, humidity, vibration, etc. They provide constant feedback, allowing for quick action to prevent safety issues or quality degradation. IoT sensors can monitor refrigeration units or cooking devices to ensure optimal conditions for food safety.
  • Blockchain Technology. In sectors such as food and retail, blockchain provides transparency and traceability, ensuring product authenticity and quality. For instance, it can be used to trace food back to its source, helping to prevent food fraud and increase food safety.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). These technologies can enhance training programs, preparing employees to properly maintain safety and quality. For example, VR can be used to simulate emergency situations for training purposes, while AR can provide real-time information to help employees make safer, more efficient decisions.

“AI, IoT, and blockchain can help monitor food safety, optimize inventory management, reduce waste, and improve quality, while blockchain can provide transparency about food sourcing for restaurants, grocery stores, retail, hospitality, and other businesses. These technologies provide real-time monitoring of product conditions, predicting demand to optimize stock and reduce waste, and ensuring product authenticity,” Damaren explained.  

“Additionally, many industries, including hospitality, will leverage AI to enhance customer service and personalize experiences, improving overall quality. Moving forward, it will become more common to use AR/VR as an engaging and powerful way to train staff about safety and quality protocols,” Damaren added.

Some of the most well-known brands have already embraced these technologies, successfully improving their quality and safety programs, according to Damaren. For instance, Walmart has been an early adopter of blockchain technology for food traceability. McDonald’s has invested in AI to optimize operations and improve customer experiences. And Marriott Hotels have been utilizing IoT devices to enhance safety protocols and provide more personalized customer experiences.

“Successful adoption of these technologies requires a robust data strategy, including high-quality data collection, management, and analysis capabilities. Also, issues like cybersecurity, privacy, and ethical use of AI are crucial considerations when implementing these solutions,” Damaren continued. “It’s important to note that technologies are tools that can amplify human capabilities, but the key to safety and quality improvement lies in the culture and values of each organization.”


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