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Universal Web3 Handles Now Available for New MeWe Users

MeWe opens beta access for new users to claim a universal handle that will be used across an entire ecosystem of apps, groundbreaking functionality that is made possible by MeWe’s adoption of the Frequency blockchain. This beta is the first step in MeWe becoming the largest decentralised social platform in the world. MeWe plans to begin migration of its existing 20 million users in the coming weeks.

New MeWe users are able to claim their universal handle and create their Social Identity that gives them control over their data and how it is used. Users will be able to choose which apps they share their data with. Through their universal handle, users can access any app that joins the Social Web while keeping all of their personal connections. Users will not need passwords or additional handles.

“MeWe is working towards the future of social media, a future where users can finally have full control over their experience and personal data,” said Jeffrey Edell, Chairman and CEO of MeWe. “From the start, MeWe has been committed to user privacy and data protection. While competing decentralised apps remain relatively limited in their product offerings, MeWe has a robust feature set and proven track record to build from as it expands into the web3 space.”

Amidst the growing excitement of decentralised social media, MeWe distinguishes itself by already having over 600,000 interest groups and features like the dual camera and voice & video calling and messaging.

The adoption of blockchain technology by social media apps is a sign that the industry is moving towards a decentralised future where users have much more power. Mainstream, centralised social media platforms store, own, and control users’ data. Blockchains make it possible for users to take control of their own data without having to rely on private companies and their centralised servers.

“Frequency is designed to enable all apps to deliver Web3 value to their users, and MeWe is taking a pioneering step by leveraging Frequency to give people control of their own data,” said Braxton Woodham, president of Amplica Labs, a key part of McCourt Global’s technology business, whose team was the initial technical contributor to Frequency. “This is an important step toward a world in which individuals, not corporations, control the way digital spaces work.”


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