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UniCask Becomes the First DAO Enhanced with AI Decision Support from CrowdSmart

CrowdSmart, Inc. and UniCask announced that UniCask will be adding CrowdSmart’s AI-guided decision support software for DAOs to enable equitable and transparent decisions.

Based in San Francisco, CA and Boise, ID, CrowdSmart is a unique human + generative AI that enables any team to quickly assess relevant public and private data, contribute fresh insights, and reason with each other to create highly accurate and trusted recommendations for strategies, plans, and decisions.

Tokyo-headquartered UniCask is a fast-growing distilled spirits DAO, built by Recika in partnership with Japan Import System. Recika is a developer of DAOs and blockchain solutions, including UniCask and Web3 vacation rental DAO: ANGO.  According to the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, rare whisky asset values increased 564% in the past decade.

Under the terms of the agreement, CrowdSmart enables UniCask and ANGO to quickly and easily create AI-guided collective decisions directly in the Discord chats that are ubiquitous in Web3 communities, helping DAO members co-create more value for their treasuries.

“We are excited to bring comprehensive decision capabilities to Unicask and look forward to continuing to work with Recika to build many more strong and decisive DAO communities,” said Amanda Reed, CEO of CrowdSmart. “Our mission is to help your organization co-create value through effective decisions, whoever you are and whatever you’re trying to accomplish, both on-chain and off-chain.”

“We are tremendously excited to bring like-minded individuals together in communities where they can refine their knowledge and expertise with AI to make better decisions,” said Chris Dai, CEO of Recika. UniCask Chairman, Katsuhiko Tanaka, added, “It is important that every UniCask DAO member’s unique opinion be given fast and fair consideration in a transparent process, and every DAO decision from whisky strength to bottle design, be as well-reasoned and accurate as possible. Working with CrowdSmart helps us build engagement and stronger communities that make more aligned and accurate decisions. It feels almost like an unfair advantage.”


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