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Tokenize Xchange Launches Tokenize Premier for Institutional Investors and High Net-Worth Individuals

Tokenize Xchange (Tokenize) announced that it will launch a new separate, stand-alone exchange called Tokenize Premier on 1st November 2022. This new platform has been designed specifically with institutional crypto investors in mind. 

Institutional investors include financial institutions, family offices, hedge funds and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs). Tokenize Premier supports options, derivatives, futures and spot trades. The new exchange’s launch comes at a time when Tokenize’s business is rapidly evolving to meet the demands of the coming Web3 infrastructure.

Prior to Tokenize Premier, institutional investors on the Tokenize Xchange were assisted in OTC (‘Over the Counter’) voice trades, using human communication. Once Tokenize Premier commences operation, however, such institutional investors can perform direct OTC trades on Tokenize Premier themselves. An OTC trade is defined as any trade over $50,000 in any single trade.

Using Tokenize Premier’s full suite functionality, investors will also be able to leverage on its financing and credit line, get block trades quotes at a glance, and avoid any slippage. Slippage occurs whenever there is a difference between a trade’s expected and actual price and is fairly common when buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Tokenize Premier tends to mitigate this issue, amongst its other benefits of use.

Users can access Tokenize Premier with the same login name and password that they use to access Tokenize, which serves to streamline usage between the two exchanges. The trading volumes of institutional investors have effectively doubled over the past few months and the Tokenize Premier platform is introduced to cater to this surge in demand.

HONG Qi Yu, Founder and CEO of Tokenize, will speak at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2022 together with other leading figures in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. On 2 November, the day after the launch of Tokenize Premier, Mr Hong will join other panellists to share his experience and insights on ‘Building Resilient Web3 Companies in APAC’. Tokenize is a Platinum Sponsor for the Singapore Fintech Festival 2022, the largest Fintech festival in the world and a knowledge platform for the global Fintech community.

The Singapore Fintech Festival 2022 (SFF), which runs from 2-4 November, brings together thousands of people from across the world, airing ideas that shape the economy and enabling attendees to make impactful public and private sector connections. 

In another exciting new development, Tokenize is also developing its own proprietary Titan Blockchain (the TKX chain) which is a spin off from, though not wholly dependent on, Tokenize Xchange. Titan actively partners with other exchanges and alliances who host the independent validators needed for every blockchain. Titan starts working with licenced crypto exchanges and then partners with other fintech licences, its goal being to acquire all kinds of finance licences globally, held either by Tokenize or partners. In this way, Titan will be able to balance out any single point of failure, and won’t compromise on the latency issues that are common to decentralized networks. Titan will commence with 11 validators initially, and will grow the number exponentially over the coming months. With more validators onboarded, the TKX blockchain will be far more difficult for external bad actors to hack.

“I’m very proud to announce the launch of Tokenize Premier,” said Mr. Hong. “Over the past year, we have been preparing for this launch of Premier. Our decision to introduce Tokenize Premier is aligned with our desire to pivot our core exchange services to institutional investors, hedge funds, family offices and High Net Worth clients in 2022. These customers are somewhat under represented right now and we want to address that with Tokenize Premier. I am also excited to be speaking at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2022 and am looking forward to the frank exchange of opinions that always characterises SFF events and we are proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of SFF.” 

Tokenize’s team is looking forward to networking with the Web3 and crypto community both on the floor and at our booth and visitors can find Tokenize in Hall 2, 2C17. Tokenize will be giving away limited-edition Tokenize Xchange gifts and conducting product demos at the booth. 

Visitors might like to swing by the stage on Wednesday, 2 November at 1pm to hear Tokenize’s CEO & Founder, HONG Qi Yu speaking at the panel discussion on ‘Building Web3 Companies and Communities in APAC’. Updates are also available on Tokenize’s Facebook, Telegram and Twitter pages too.


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