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Three Global Companies Agree To Support the Wemix Play Ecosystem

WEMIX PLAY, a global blockchain gaming platform, is partnering with Tencent Cloud, Qroad, and NEICON to provide benefits to gaming companies that onboard games to WEMIX PLAY. Gaming companies looking to onboard WEMIX PLAY will get discounts and enhanced support when they use platform services including marketing, operation, quality assurance (QA), localization, and cloud server solutions.

Tencent Cloud provides cloud services to various gaming companies all around the world and will offer discounts on server resources to game companies that onboard WEMIX PLAY. Qroad, which provides an all-in-one game service package that includes marketing, operation, QA, and localization, is offering a 10% discount to onboarding gaming firms if they use the full suite of services. Companies that sign marketing services agreements with NEICON – which specializes in global performance and influencer marketing in the Web3 field – will receive additional assistance worth up to 15% of the contract amount.

Wemade is taking multiple approaches to secure more games on the platform, and will support game developers in various ways to help them launch excellent blockchain games on WEMIX PLAY. Wemade is also expanding its business to support domestic and global developers by partnering with companies that have experience in global infrastructure projects including security and tech support firms.

“Tencent Cloud has been providing the finest cloud service to major global games in recent years,” said Jiannan Zhao, Managing Director of Asia Pacific Center, Tencent Cloud International. “The partnership with WEMIX PLAY is very important to us, and we will support developers on the global blockchain game platform with successful game launches with our expertise and experiences.”

“Qroad will provide an exclusive all-in-one package for developers’ overall game services including marketing, global operations, and QA,” Howoong Gil, CEO of Qroad said. “We support the WEMIX ecosystem wholeheartedly.”

“We’re excited to partner with Wemade, the leading company in blockchain games,” said Sunjin Lee, CEO and founder of NEICON. “We will use our experience to help games onboard on WEMIX PLAY with the best marketing solutions possible.”

“More users will get to experience blockchain games through our global partnerships,” said Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade.

Blockchain games of diverse genres including MMORPG, SLG, and SNG are being serviced on WEMIX PLAY, the global blockchain gaming platform developed by Wemade. For more information, visit the official WEMIX PLAY website


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