Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Collaboration with the World’s Most Expensive Champagne Creator

The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate (SVS) just began the shipping process on a long-awaited Champagne Collaboration with Shammi Shinh. A Master Champagne Connoisseur.

Let’s talk about this and where it sets the bar for future partnerships within the NFT Space.

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate was ahead of its time in many ways and introduced the partnership in October of last year. Just one month after mint and a couple of hours after the launch of their utility token $BLOOD.

The concept at the time was to use $BLOOD to redeem a Chalice NFT that could then give you the ability to purchase the bottle. The concept has now come into execution in a flawless manner and is just hours away from Wave 2 Mint of the Chalice using only $50 Blood Tokens for all holders.

Shammi Shinh. The Creator of the most expensive champagne brand in the world, Goût de Diamants. The champagne is produced at the 8-hectare, family-owned Champagne Chapuy in Oger using only Grand Cru grapes. The most expensive single bottle of Champagne in the world was a limited edition bottle with a Swarovski crystal Superman logo in the centre that was sold for GBP £1.2 million in 2013.

A collaboration that no other project has even come close to replicating in my opinion.

Shammi Shinh has now gone on to one-up himself with the sale of what is now the most expensive champagne at USD $2.5 Million. Taking away the record from, yeah you guessed it, himself. However, this time, instead of a Superman Logo, there’s a picture of SVS Vampires Bats and a Mutant Ape.

Whether this partnership for SVS was simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time or it was flawlessly planned and executed, the fact remains that it is now well underway after 9 months since the announcement.

Another reason I say that SVS was way ahead of its time is because of market sentiment. Back in September, NFTs simply looked like a get-rich-quick scheme with many people joining the space in hopes to do just that. It is easy for any project to make a compelling road map and sell out a project on that basis but delivering on it is where your money should be. Invest in the team, not the idea.

SVS never stopped updating its holders on the progress of the Champagne and never gave its 100% focus to it either. They found the perfect middle ground to where, as holders, were still getting the benefits of being an SVS holder whilst happily waiting for the long-awaited launch date.

Last note. This is not an article to buy a Vampire NFT. But in fact, is a message to have perspective on what a “JPEG” project can achieve as SVS sets the bar for future NFT partnerships. I’m excited about where this space can go and you should be too.

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