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Realio Unites Multi-Chain Ecosystem for Real World Assets (RWAs) with Launch of Layer-1 Blockchain

Realio, a technology ecosystem for institutional-grade digital real-world assets, announced its official launch of the Realio Network.

The Realio Network is a new, Web3-enabled Layer-1 blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem. Its design is fully open-source, permissionless, and purpose-built for the issuance and management of digitally native real-world assets. Prior to the launch announcement, the Realio Network was battle-tested for months with a successful testnet, finding participation from 100+ validators.

“The launch of the Realio Network marks the release of a fundamental piece of the Realio technology ecosystem,” said Eduardo Romeiro, Co-Founder & Director of Engineering at Realio. “It will enable everything we envision, from the products we aim to build, the community we strive to work with, and ultimately the users we will reach. A strong foundation is critical to support the vision, and for us, the Realio Network is that foundation.”

With the Alpha release of the Network, Realio exposed the first version of the Realio Asset Model, a model used to allow the issuance and transfers of user-created assets. Any asset tokens created on the Network can be hosted on several Layer-1 blockchains that are connected to a single interoperable ecosystem, creating a safe and secure harbour. The multi-chain feature is initially made possible through a user-controlled, chain-agnostic issuance account created for each new asset, allowing asset tokens to be bridged across multiple blockchains while maintaining a parallel, immutable smart tracking ledger that allows for compliance controls.

The Network has built-in EVM compatibility and features a native dual-token public Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism for both Realio’s utility token, $RIO (Realio Network Token), and its hybrid digital security token, $RST (Realio Security Token).

A Base Layer for a New, Real-World Based Metaverse

The Realio Network will host the base layer for a real-world-based metaverse, the realioVerse, and support the forthcoming Freehold Wallet app, a non-custodial, multi-chain DeFi wallet app built on Realio’s blockchain infrastructure.

Those looking to participate in the Network can do so through staking and reward claiming, among other activities.

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