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Rarimo Collaborates with Unstoppable Domains, Gitcoin Passport, and Civic for Web3’s Groundbreaking Proof of Humanity Verification Aggregator

 Rarimo, the interoperability protocol for digital identities, has partnered with Unstoppable DomainsGitcoin Passport, and Civic to launch a Proof of Humanity plug-in for Web3 dApps. Through the use of Zero-Knowledge proofs, this solution enables platforms to verify that users are humans instead of bots.

As a result of the partnerships, Rarimo has become the world’s first verification aggregator for Web3 identities, providing a tangible use-case for blockchain technology in combating digital identity-related issues caused by bots, AI, and AI-generated agents.

The plug-in also launched in parallel with an integration with community-building platform Galxe, and Decentraland via DCL Curations, a virtual library that rewards users for completing educational exercises. These integrations enable the platforms to filter out bots and ensure that verified humans are using their services.

In celebration of the partnership, Unstoppable has also created a Galxe quest to reward all successful endeavors with a 30% discount on any Unstoppable Domain up to $1000.

Importance of Proof of Humanity to Trust-Building in Web3 

With the proliferation of AI exacerbating abuse from spam and bots across Web3 dApps and services, Proof of Humanity solutions are vital in building the trust necessary for digital spaces and communities to succeed.

Lasha Antadze, Co-Founder of Rarify Labs, the service provider and community member dedicated to advancing Rarimo commented: “Rarify Labs is particularly excited about the Proof of Humanity solution because it provides an early glimpse into the future of Web3. Not only is AI making the need for robust online credentials urgent, but many of the space’s most exciting emerging innovations such as on-chain games and decentralized social media require some form of portable identity. Solutions like Rarimo’s Proof of Humanity aggregator that maintain privacy, and decentralization, and allow for a seamless user experience are early blueprints of what’s to come.”

Sandy Carter, COO, Unstoppable Domains added: “We could not be more excited to expand the utility of Unstoppable Domains and allow our community to use their domains as Proofs of Humanity. Identity and trust are at the center of what we do at Unstoppable, and we’re proud to help make Web3 safer by keeping bots at bay. We are also delighted to be furthering our commitment to contributing to a truly multi-chain Web3 by integrating with Rarimo.”

Mechanics of Rarimo’s Proof of Humanity Verification

Rarimo has aggregated identity providers – Unstoppable Domains, Gitcoin Passport and Civic –  in a plug-in that allows users to generate on-chain proofs which verify that they have met requirements only a real person could. Additional identity providers may be added in the future.

For instance, if a user owns a Web3 domain from Unstoppable Domain, Rarimo will enable them to generate a Proof of Humanity on the basis that the complex steps required for ownership, including possessing and making payments from a bank account, could not be executed by a bot.

Users can then submit these proofs to platforms that have integrated the plug-in in order to gain access to gated activities and rewards.

Other notable features of Rarimo’s Proof of Humanity plug-in include:

  • Upholds privacy: The proofs themselves are zero-knowledge. This protects user privacy and ensures that no additional information about the user, other than the fact that they are human, is revealed.
  • Optionality: By aggregating identity providers, Rarimo allows both users and platforms to choose which method of verification they trust most.
  • Interoperable: As an interoperability protocol, Rarimo makes all Proof-of-Humanities instantly multi-chain and available across all networks. This enables dApps and smart contracts on any chain to verify users, ensuring that users are not restricted to a single ecosystem.
  • Seamless user experience: With only a few additional clicks, users may select the identity provider they wish to use, generate a proof and submit it to the platform they are on.

A demo of Rarimo’s Proof of Humanity plug-in may be viewed here.

The plug-in is now live on Galxe and Decentraland.

Please see below for additional quotes from partners:

Jeremy Dillingham, Product Lead of Gitcoin Passport:  “Gitcoin Passport is excited to be expanding its utility, and allow our Unique Humanity Score to act as a Proof-of-Humanity credential in every app powered by Rarimo. We are proud to contribute to keeping web3 safe from bots and Sybils, and empowering users to easily conduct trusted interactions and build meaningful communities.”

Chris Hart, CEO of Civic says: “We believe that a collaborative approach to Proof of Personhood will best serve the ecosystem, offering privacy, accessibility and strong decentralization to everyone. We’re proud to join other identity partners on Rarimo’s platform to help build stronger communities of humans.”

Ian O’Neil, President and Founder of DCL Curations: “We are extremely excited to work with Rarimo on integrating the first Proof of Humanity protocol into Decentraland. This integration will be a game changer, making it easier for brands to launch and manage their experiences in Decentraland, while still protecting the privacy of Web3 users through the use of zk-proofs. We look forward to seeing how POH protocols will change the landscape of Decentraland and Web3.”


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