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QuickNode launches Marketplace empowering 95k+ blockchain developers to build next-generation dApps.

QuickNode, a leader in Blockchain infrastructure, announced today, at the Messari Mainnet conference, the official launch of the QuickNode Marketplace. Developers can now create and sell custom plugins for the QuickNode Marketplace, allowing QuickNode’s more than 95,000 registered developers to access new APIs for their blockchain-enabled apps in various ways.

The QuickNode Marketplace consists of a web portal to manage accounts, add-ons, customers, payouts, and an API (Application Programming Interface) that gives developers a valuable and straightforward toolset for creating powerful add-ons to be used with QuickNode’s web3 endpoints. The API is officially released and supported after being in beta development with QuickNode’s early release partners, whose input has helped make the API robust and easy to use.

With the addition of QuickNode Marketplace, it will not only allow our customers’ Dapps to grow, but it will also give them more options in the customization of their blockchain infrastructure,” said Auston Bunsen, co-founder and product lead for QuickNode Marketplace. “Crypto/Web3 is a rapidly evolving industry. Every blockchain-enabled app wants a cutting-edge experience, but providing too many features can make the software cumbersome and difficult to use. QuickNode Marketplace solves this by allowing developers to install exactly the features and APIs they need to get the most out of their endpoint.

Rodri Fernandez Touza, Co-founder at, shared the excitement, “We are excited to partner up with Quicknode to make it easier for enterprises and developers to mint NFTs at scale with one single API call, in seconds, and to help onboard the next billion users into web3!”

Each new add-on, which can be a new RPC method or an external API, will be advertised to QuickNode’s 95,000+ developers, and QuickNode will manage all transactions through the Marketplace, making the process simple for both QuickNode customers and third-party developers.

QuickNode co-CEO Alex Nabutovsky said, “We anticipate this innovation to enable hundreds of new APIs for our customers in a single click over the next 6-12 months – this is the app store for blockchain infrastructure“.

The QuickNode Marketplace is launching with several add-ons ready to be installed, including:

Luabase – The easiest way to query any blockchain with structured query language (SQL), analyze it in notebooks, and embed the data in your app with our API.

FlashBots Protect – An add-on that offers the benefits of bundles to single transactions: front-running protection and costless reverts.

Blocknative – Web3’s most accurate gas fee prediction – a trusted provider of reliable and accurate gas estimation.

Crossmint – An NFT minting API that allows you to mint new NFTs in a single call to the API.

Blocktorch – A multi-chain observability platform for any smart contract. Access logs, metrics, and all the data you need easily and quickly.

The QuickNode Marketplace enables third-party developers to contribute to the growing list of marketplace add-ons. They can also open a discussion with QuickNode customers on the QuickNode support platform to create a dialogue about what Web3 developers most want from APIs and services.


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