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Quantica Tech: Breaking New Ground in Technology with Quantum Computing and Algorithmic Construction

Quantica Tech‘s main project is a cryptocurrency based on quantum computing, called Quanticacoin, with algorithmic construction geared towards the quantum scenario. It has a set of scripts that are triggered remotely, making it compatible with quantum architectures.

When quantum computing arrives, Quanticacoin’s architecture will allow for the natural and automatic migration of its entire supply available on the market, so that its users will have no worries whatsoever about changing platforms. Meanwhile, it behaves like traditional cryptocurrencies. The difference is that the other cryptocurrencies will need to be restructured so that they can work in post-quantum cryptography, while Quanticacoin will do this automatically, which guarantees it a great competitive advantage when the generational change takes place.

But the innovative features continue. Once built on quantum logic and methodology, Quanticacoin already has differential performance characteristics even in the traditional computing environment.

The first Quanticacoin units will begin to be marketed in the second half of 2023, under the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT’s) contract modality, so that the market can participate in the evolution of the project by allowing interested people to acquire Quanticatech supplies at low prices in this initial phase, with exponential gains that should occur when quantum computing enters the global scale. Quantica Tech is expected to issue market announcements about the launch of the SAFT contracts shortly.

A video created by Quantica Tech – available at – shows the evolution of digital technologies and the arrival of quantum computing, and how these new technologies will be used in the blockchain and Quanticacoin scenarios.

Quantica Tech is based in the Department of Multi Comodities Centre (DMCC) in Dubai, which was chosen as the Best Free Zone in the World, and where there is a center for innovative projects in the Blockchain area, the Crypto Centre, Quantica Tech’s headquarters.


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