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OKX Wallet Expands Web3 Ecosystem With Scroll, Rarible, and Trader Joe XYZ, Enhances DeFi Access

OKX, a leading Web3 technology company, has integrated Scroll, a zk-EVM scaling solution for Ethereum, Rarible, an aggregated NFT marketplace, and Trader Joe XYZ, a decentralized trading platform, into its Web3 Wallet’s Discover Portalgrowing the OKX Web3 ecosystem and further enhancing user access to DeFi solutions. The portal, which can be accessed via the Discover section of OKX Wallet on web and mobile, gathers over 10,000 dApps, DEXs, blockchain games, NFTs and supplementary tools.

With these integrations, OKX Wallet users can now access the following solutions via the Discover Portal:

  • Scroll’s Layer-2 scaling solution provides unlimited scability, lightning-fast confirmation latency, full decentralization and trustless privacy.
  • Rarible’s multi-chain NFT marketplace allows users to buy, sell, trade and create NFTs across compatible blockchain networks.
  • Trader Joe XYZ’s decentralized token swap, liquidity pool, staking and NFT solutions.

OKX Chief Innovation Officer Jason Lau said: “It’s great to see partners across the ecosystem increasingly recognize and support OKX Wallet. This is highlighted by the addition of new partnerships with Scroll, Rarible, and Trader Joe XYZ. With these new integrations, OKX Wallet users now have increased access to DeFi solutions in the areas of scalability, cross-chain liquidity, NFTs, and more.

OKX Wallet has also recently announced its partnerships with StargateOmega NetworkcBridge and BendDAO, allowing users to access cross-chain solutions, unified liquidity pools, NFT lending protocols and more. It is also the first multi-chain wallet to support BRC-20 and Bitcoin NFT trading with the launch of its Ordinals Market.


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