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NYX Professional Makeup Launches NFTs to Access GORJS, the World’s First Beauty DAO

NYX Professional Makeup today announced GORJS, the world’s first beauty decentralized autonomous organization (“DAO”) focused on fostering the development of the 3D artist community, is releasing the FKWME Pass, a limited collection of NFT access passes that will unlock perks for the DAO’s first 1,000 members. Developed on the Ethereum blockchain, GORJS serves as a decentralized incubator for the next generation of digital creators. NFT enthusiasts, collectors, and individuals can pre-mint FKWME NFTs and access GORJS in the allowlist sale on January 31, 2023, with the full NFT drop scheduled for February 1, 2023 on GORJS.

Owned by parent company L’Oreal, NYX Professional Makeup has a long-standing history of empowering creators through new technology. Now as the Web3 era begins, GORJS empowers a community of makeup enthusiasts, artists, and collectors to bring beauty to the metaverse. On January 10, the beauty brand released a detailed litepaper outlining the key elements of the DAO’s governance, including token economics and the role of the FKWME Pass, further explaining how GORJS is redefining beauty in the metaverse.

“At NYX Professional Makeup, we invite artists to join the movement with us to ‘Make the Metaverse Gorjs,’ and to evolve their artistic creativity beyond the basis of physical and genetic appearances,” said Yann Joffredo, Global Brand President of NYX Cosmetics. “With our first FKWME NFT collection, GORJS is elevating 3D creators across the industry, and cultivating growth, equity and innovation within the community, and ultimately, providing them a path to success within the Web3 ecosystem.”

NYX Professional Makeup is activating the first-ever community-led DAO to support all creators, including marginalized and underrepresented groups, in establishing a whole new era of beauty. Artists participating in the DAO retain full ownership of the IP of their creative work, allowing them to earn royalties. NYX Professional Makeup has personally invited an initial cohort of some of the most dynamic creators in this space to join GORJS and cultivate awareness and excitement for the DAO among the artist community.

GORJS will also offer a unique creator portal for partnership discovery, beneficial opportunity for increased global reach, and eventually, a comprehensive suite of creator tools. Participating artists will not only be able to receive funding for their personal NFT projects and digital art ventures, but they will also have access to other artists involved in the DAO.

The GORJS Founding Team, comprised of NYX Professional Makeup employees leading the project, will support the launch of the artists’ NFT drops within GORJS, developing the new DAO’s ecosystem and implementing new capabilities to onboard collectors and NFT enthusiasts. The GORJS Founding Team has also cultivated an external advisory board of Web3 thought leaders with diverse backgrounds and strong expertise in the space, and will continue to onboard additional advisors as the project progresses. The initial six Advisory Team members include Amber WardSebastian BorgetBrian TrunzoTimmu TokeEvelyn Mora, and Ashley Smith.

Benefits & Perks of FKWME NFT:

  • Early access to GORJS-participating artists’ NFT projects
  • Initial token allocation for immediate governance
  • Daily token yield for continual DAO governance, voting, and allowlist bidding
  • Airdrops of artist NFTs

The FKWME NFT will grant individuals entry to and governance power within GORJS, and they should expect to receive multiple airdrops. GORJS is introducing its newest voting mechanism where FKWME pass holders will cast votes to determine which airdrop/allowlist they would like to receive from the first season’s collection, using tokens to declare interest for the art piece they want.

The FKWME NFT prioritizes the community by providing more supply of GORJS tokens to the community than to the GORJS Founding Team or Advisory Team. GORJS plans to provide at least 12 airdrops to FKWME NFT holders over a period of three years, and the airdrops available per quarter are based on a per project basis. Within their proposal submissions, artists will outline how many airdrops are available to FKWME NFT holders.

To learn more about GORJS and the FKWME NFT Mint visit


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