NFTPress ReleaseWeb3 Launches to Become “Google of Web3”

Declaring it the “Google Moment of Web3,” a new platform has launched, synthesizing Web3’s tangled mass of data into a single, comprehensive, easy-to-navigate product. Currently operating in public beta, is a data aggregation and analytics tool for the Web3, NFT, and gaming ecosystems. By tracking real-time prices, rankings and metadata for over 21 million NFT virtual assets, Mystic is the new authoritative data source for the creator economy. Unlike other aggregators, Mystic is powered by proprietary indexing algorithms – enabling complete ownership of all its market data.  Built from scratch in six months, the platform is currently web-based, with a mobile version for iOS and Android scheduled to launch later this year. is backed by $4.5 million in seed funding. Its principal executives – with over $400 million in previous exits – include Mike Calfin, Infrastructure Engineering (CoinMarketCap, Binance, GSR) and Roger Clark, Product Engineering (Apple iCloud).

“Right now, Web3 virtual assets are fragmented, siloed, and technologically immature,” said Mystic co-founder Roger Clark.  “Discovery is difficult, metadata is broken and unreliable, and people need blockchain-specific tools to do the same basic things. Our customers need search, analytics and real-time market updates. Mystic will solve it all with a single cross-platform solution. We’re here to help everyone cross over from this world to the next.”

Seeking to be the #1 information resource for all things non-fungible, Mystic is building an ecosystem of creators, tastemakers, and curators to unearth and co-create the next cultural phenomenon – before it reaches the mainstream. “Mystic will co-author the digital renaissance using a serendipitous blend of user-generated content, competitive leaderboards, rarity rankings, APIs, investor tools, charts and more,” said Mystic co-founder Mike Calfin.  “All of this is powered by data from the most popular blockchains — directly extracted using proprietary technology.”


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