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Marvion Signed On by Australian Property Group Resimax Group for Its First Web 3.0 Brand Activation

Metaverse Blockchain company Marvion, a fully owned subsidiary of Bonanza Goldfields Corp. (OTC:BONZ), is pleased to share that Resimax Group, one of Australia’s most dynamic and diversified property groups, has signed on with Marvion to kickstart its first Web 3.0 brand activation initiatives to tap into the fast-growing Web 3.0 market.

Resimax Group is excited to announce the launch of its first digital property membership token in the form of digital ownership tokens (DOTs) as part of its Web 3.0 brand activation. This innovative new offering is designed to enhance the value of the company’s existing rewards program, making it one of the world’s first digital property membership that enable holders to jumpstart their property investment with a smaller quantum.

Marvion, a leading provider of blockchain and smart contract solutions, will facilitate the design and creation of the DOTs. Utilizing distributed ledger and NFT technology, each DOT will have a unique identifier and legally binding ownership documentation embedded in its metadata, securely stored on the blockchain. The DOTs will be available for purchase on Marvion’s Metastudio, making it easier than ever for people to own a piece of the digital world. With this innovative solution, Resimax Group is at the forefront of the property industry, leading the way in digital property ownership.

Commenting on Resimax’s Web 3.0 brand activation campaign with Marvion, Ken Dodds, Director of Resimax Group said, “Over the past decade, Resimax Group has established itself as one of Australia’s most dynamic and innovative businesses. We’ve also earned a reputation for providing property investors with outstanding opportunities while maintaining a firm property focus, and still successfully managed to diversify into a range of affiliated industries including investment, volume building, property management and development. With the Web 3.0 brand activation campaign in place, we look forward to tap into the greater Web 3.0 market to reach out to more customers with our innovative property offerings.”

Andrew Ladd, Director of Sales and Marketing at Resimax Group added, ““We are very excited to be working with Marvion to further upgrade our existing RGI Rewards property investment platform with the use of blockchain and smart contracts. Our RGI Rewards program has been running since 2019 and today we have close to 4,000+ international members and we look forward to working with Marvion to give more value to our members and welcoming a new generation of digital savvy investors.”

Raymond Chua, CEO of Marvion summed up the collaboration with Resimax Group, “We are happy to have Resimax Group onboard for the Web 3.0 brand activation campaign. As this is a new business initiative from Marvion offering business solutions to companies who envisage themselves delving into the Web 3.0 space, we are fully focused on tapping on our expertise and technology know-how to achieve successful results for our clients. Through Marvion’s “Brand Activation Campaign”, we aim to provide an end-to-end service to help businesses adopt and responsibly implement blockchain technologies to add value to their business as a whole.”

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