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Magic Eden Enables BRC-20 Capability on Ordinals Launchpad and Secondary Open-Source Platform

Magic Eden, the leading cross-chain NFT platform, announced the BRC-20 standard will be available on its open-source secondary platform and creator launchpad later this evening. The news comes two months after Magic Eden first introduced a Launchpad for Bitcoin ordinals, which quickly became the marketplace of choice for creators in the space.

Similar to the experience on Magic Eden’s standard Bitcoin Launchpad, users will now be able to collect BRC-20 projects directly from the Magic Eden platform, and creators can launch their BRC-20 drops for users to mint directly on the platform. As part of the company’s commitment to creators, those launching BRC-20 collections on the Magic Eden launchpad will be assisted with go-to-market strategy, marketing support, enhanced user interface, and more.

Zhuoxun Yin, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Magic Eden commented on today’s news: “Since Bitcoin ordinals and BRC-20 began gaining traction earlier this year, we noticed that the user experience was lacking as the two technologies are broken up and lack fluidity. With the introduction of BRC-20 on our platform, we hope to seamlessly merge the two – standard Bitcoin ordinals and BRC-20 – to simplify the experience for ecosystem participants. This is yet another step at the beginning of our journey to build the best NFT platform for the Bitcoin ecosystem.”

Due to the nascency of Bitcoin ordinals and the BRC-20 ecosystem, users have not yet been provided with the tools to collect the assets efficiently. Magic Eden’s standard Bitcoin (non-BRC-20) launchpad has received favourable feedback since its entrance into the market in April 2023, and the expansion to BRC-20 aims to solidify Magic Eden as one of the primary destinations for users who participate in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Magic Eden plans to continue investing in the Bitcoin ecosystem as it grows. The team believes that by making it easier for users to collect BRC-20, these technologies will become more available to a wider audience.


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