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Krayon Digital and Sayfer Partner to Revolutionise Web3 Security

Krayon Digital, a leading provider of MPC (Multi-Party Computation) wallet solutions for digital assets, today announced a strategic partnership with Sayfer, a leading Israeli blockchain security company. The collaboration aims to address the pressing security challenges faced by Web3 companies and enhance the management of private keys in the digital asset ecosystem.

Krayon Digital’s mission is to revolutionize digital asset security. By utilizing MPC technology, Krayon Digital’s wallets offer unprecedented security through the distribution of private key shards among multiple parties, eliminating the single point of failure and significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access or theft. Sayfer’s advanced security protocols and auditing processes will ensure the highest level of protection, shielding users from potential vulnerabilities and attacks.

Hamilton Keats, CEO & Co-Founder, Krayon Digital
At the core of this partnership lies a shared vision to revolutionize Web3 security and empower companies to embrace the potential of digital assets. By providing robust security solutions, we aim to build a foundation of confidence for individuals and enterprises alike, enabling them to fully leverage the benefits of decentralized finance and blockchain technology. 

The collaboration between Krayon Digital and Sayfer introduces a comprehensive solution to address the security challenges of managing private keys in the Web3 environment. By utilizing these powerful tools, businesses can safeguard their digital assets effectively, mitigate risks, and confidently navigate the evolving landscape of decentralized finance.”

Sayfer is a trusted Israeli blockchain security company, specializing in innovative security solutions for digital assets. Sayfer provides advanced cryptographic tools, secure key management systems, and comprehensive security audits to enable individuals and organizations to harness the full potential of blockchain technology while minimizing risks.

Nir Duan, Sayfer CEO
“We chose to partner with Krayon because their robust and scalable MPC solution has “Plug and Play” functionality – one of the most important factors for security. Our joint efforts will bring together Sayfer’s expertise in key management audits and Krayon’s cutting-edge MPC technology to deliver a secure and seamless experience for our clients.

Through our audits, we’ve seen some concerning practices among DeFi projects when it comes to crypto key management. This partnership with Krayon will help us ensure proper key management across the industry.

This collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to advancing the security and efficiency of digital asset management, and we look forward to unlocking new possibilities together.”

Krayon Digital serves a growing customer base, including high-profile enterprises across the Web3 and financial services industries, and is backed by leading global investors including Saison Capital, Blockchain Founders Fund, and GSR.

By leveraging Krayon Digital’s state-of-the-art MPC wallet solutions and Sayfer’s extensive security expertise, this collaboration will empower businesses to navigate the complex landscape of digital assets with confidence and peace of mind.


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