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Jumpstart Your NFT Journey With DTA’s E-Book on NFTs

The team at Disruptive Tech Asia minted six cybersecurity-themed Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) of our own and used the process of doing so as a basis for producing a guide to NFTs (which you will know more about below).

Even better, you will be entered into a draw to win ownership of one of these NFTs when you download the guide:

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are all the rage these days, and yet they are mostly misunderstood. They are an enigma that few actually could understand completely, weighed down by misconceptions and false impressions that are keeping them from entering the mainstream.

Those days, though, are soon to be over. The curtains are being pulled back on NFTs, and the future looks quite bright for these digital tokens. Pulling back the curtains even more is the DTA staff, who have meticulously prepared a special focus e-book about NFTs.

Titled “How Businesses Can Get a Piece of the NFT Phenomenon,” this special focus featurette outlines what exactly NFTs are, explains why they came to be, to begin with, and discusses their different enterprise-related use-cases. In other words, this e-book talks about how businesses can benefit from the NFT craze—and which industries, in particular, stand to benefit the most from them.

This special feature also follows the NFT journey of DTA’s very own, Andrew Martin, the Group Publisher of Asia Online Publishing Group. Martin’s account is particularly useful, as it delves into what one should be doing to get into the NFT space—from trading crypto as a starting point to choosing a crypto wallet and partaking in the NFT marketplace. Of course, Martin outlines the challenges he faced, and these are the same challenges one would likely encounter as well.

Put simply, the special feature “How Businesses Can Get a Piece of the NFT Phenomenon” covers all you need to know about NFTs, and that is why you should download this e-book right now. 

We’re giving you extra incentive to do just that. We minted six unique cybersecurity-themed NFTs—and everyone who downloads this special focus will go into a prize draw to win ownership of one of these NFTs.

At the moment, the value of our NFT is the joy of owning one, but we plan to add utility to the NFTs, giving the winners free access to chargeable events and content that we’ll organise in the future! All you have to do is click on the link below, provide some details about yourself and start reading!

So, what are you waiting for? Start your own NFT journey now by downloading the “How Businesses Can Get a Piece of the NFT Phenomenon” e-book.


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