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iQSTEL Engages First Prospects for AI-Enhanced Metaverse App V1.2

iQSTEL Inc. (OTC-QX: IQST), today announced version 1.2 (v1.2) of the company’s recently released Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Enhanced Metaverse application.

iQSTEL first announced entering the AI and Metaverse markets on July 5th, 2023

iQSTEL is US-based multinational enhanced telecommunications and technology corporation reporting over $93 million in annual revenue for 2022 and on track to meet or exceed its $120 million FY-2023 annual revenue forecast

iQSTEL is building upon its core telecommunications base business with the addition of new complementary services that expand revenues and margins by delivering more value to iQSTEL’s end customer.

The iQSTEL AI-Enhanced Metaverse application v1.2 is available on desktop browsers by typing as well as the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and Google Play for Android devices. The application, under the name iQSTEL Metaverse, is a product of iQSTEL’s AI-Enhanced Metaverse Division Reality Border.

V1.2 has all new beautiful colors with enhancements and new features that include:

At the landing page:

  • A voice welcome and introduction when clicking on Help.
  • A new option to mute videos.
  • A new option to mute Non Player Characters (NPC).

Once in the Main Hall

  • A new feature to accelerate the users’ movements (shift + arrow).
  • 3 media screens in the Main Hall.
  • An Exhibition Room for products currently demonstrated with the display of iQSTEL’s EV Motorcycle TuVolten 550 Elite, and including an interactive NPC named Marc ready to discuss EV Motorcycle features with Metaverse users.
  • Auditorium with 1 media screen now performing Alpha Status Review of iQSTEL’s first batch of EV Motorcycle EVOSS.
  • An enhanced Shopping Center currently demonstrated through the display of the Apple Watch and the iPhone which are available for purchase with two NPCs standing by to offer assistance.
  • Shopping Center functions include 2 click-to-buy stands currently demonstrated with a Walmart E-Store.
  • There are also 2 app download gateways. In one of them, the users can download iQSTEL’s Fintech Services Global Money App.
  • At the Home Stage, users will find the latest iQSTEL updated information with an interactive NPC named Sarah standing by to answer all your questions.

Coming soon:

  • A Meeting Room included in the environment where users will be able to access private sessions.
  • Celebrities Gateway services where the users can interact with celebrities.

The objective of iQSTEL’s AI-Enhanced Metaverse Division Reality Borders is to offer a full suite of media content, an exhibition room, a shopping center, auditorium services, meeting rooms, entertainment and gaming, all within a fully customizable platform, with several different available design options that can all be configured as a white label service.

In our opinion, Reality Border will enrich customer interactions by providing a powerful collective experience, where users can work and have fun and communicate through video calls and chat services that include celebrity influencers.

Mr. Iglesias, CEO of IQSTEL commented: “We are very proud what we have achieved in short time.  We have started our commercial promotion, and we are already engaged in developing our first potential client opportunities for our Metaverse services with a Bank and a Retail Store. We are excited about the journey ahead and look forward to sharing our progress with you.”

Mr. Iglesias added: “We are going to participate in an interview. Please send us any questions you’d like to be answered to“.


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