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European deep-tech startup has partnered with UAE based consultancy Deca4 to bring wrapped AI NFTs to the mainstream, by launching them on the industry leading Hedera public distributed network.

The first AIverse project to integrate Hedera is Klon, the AI video generation tool, available in closed beta, that enables users to create professional text-to-voice content with realistic avatars. Here, NFTs on Hedera are used to unlock certain aspects or features of the AI. For example, to unlock a certain AI voice type such as a female italian voice, the user must own its representative NFT. aims to scale the company’s innovative wrapped AI NFTs on the Hedera blockchain as a growing community of projects, applications, and ecosystem tools provide compelling reasons to choose Hedera to bring AI NFTs to the masses. Moreover, organic growth and adoption of digital collectibles on Hedera has been impressive since they took off in late 2021 and NFT advocates and builders have banded together to scale the NFT ecosystem on Hedera.

“We are excited for to revolutionize the AI industry. Our AIverse will be launched as the first executable AI NFT ecosystem that is interoperable between the Humans Blockchain for AIs and the Hedera network,” said Vali Malinoiu, Head of Blockchain at

AI NFTs developed by are neural networks that are encapsulated into an NFT in order to enhance its governance, management and usage. provides a breakthrough technology that allows people to rely on neural networks as a way to generalize knowledge from data sets. By incorporating AI and governance capabilities into NFTs, they can evolve from basic proofs of ownership to intelligent, self-governing forms of ownership that enable richer experiences and a higher utility for researchers, artists, AI creators, NFT creators and consumers.

“To enjoy widespread adoption, it is essential for our AI NFTs to be interoperable and communicate with different blockchain protocols. We’re excited to be wrapping our AI NFTs on Hedera, to help better manage their usage, while benefiting from the fast, energy efficient and secure decentralized network provided by Hedera,” added Vali Malinoiu.

Hedera is the most innovative, enterprise-grade public network, powered by the hashgraph consensus, achieving high security, with fast transaction speeds and low bandwidth consumption. By combining high-throughput, low fees, and finality in seconds, Hedera powers the decentralized economy, leading the way for the future of public blockchains.

“We are excited to partner with to leverage their technology that allows users to generate NFTs of voice, face, genome and other useful features for monetization purposes. The AI NFTs on Hedera will be using smart contracts in order to govern, generate and manage synthetic media produced by neural networks while taking advantage of the fast, energy efficient, price effective and highly secure Hedera decentralized network,” said Vignesh Raja, Head of Business – Middle East & South Asia at the HBAR Foundation, helping grow the Hedera ecosystem.

“We are delighted to bring and Hedera technologies together. This contributes to concrete business use cases for tokenization in the NFT space. These applications, such as tokenized AI, bring tremendous value to the blockchain community and the corporate world as well, where these functionalities and technologies are needed,” said Jean-Paul Tarud-Kuborn, Partner and CCO at Deca4 Advisory.


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