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Hadean and PixelMax Collaborate to Transform Content Streaming in the Metaverse

Award-winning metaverse startup, Hadean, are partnering with PixelMax to develop and power the critical infrastructure needed to dynamically stream content in the metaverse, opening up opportunities for leading global brands to connect with audiences in massive and immersive virtual worlds.

Focusing on making high-quality, low-cost and low-latency streaming a commercial reality, the collaboration will combine Hadean’s proven tech expertise in enabling scalable, accessible and secure connected experiences, with PixelMax’s platform for high-quality 3D environments.

The team-up stands as the next chapter in Hadean’s close business relationship with PixelMax, building on last year’s announcement which saw the two Web 3.0 trailblazers coming together to create and deliver unique online 3D experiences.

Laying down the digital “rails” to the metaverse, they aim to eliminate barriers to entry and democratise the metaverse to allow anyone to easily build and connect virtual worlds.

Hadean CEO, Craig Beddis, said: “Our partnership with PixelMax is moving forward into a new and exciting chapter which will deepen our relationship and maximise Hadean’s role as a proven metaverse tech enabler. Scalable streaming for the metaverse is a major industry pain point at the moment for high-volume brands. Working in lockstep with PixelMax we aim to deploy our combined expertise and help drive the experiences of users and partners in the metaverse.”

Andy Sands, PixelMax CEO and Co-founder said: “Pixelmax are the market leader in high quality metaverse streaming whilst Hadean have done the same in scalable and connected experiences, so the partnership is a natural progression. The combination of technology will provide enterprises with a world-class end-to-end solution as they evolve into metaverse presence.”

With the support of Hadean’s metaverse technology solutions, PixelMax will create the valuable infrastructure needed to future-proof partners against streaming challenges, as the company continues to work with major brands including UEFA and Epic Games.


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