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GreaterHeat Expands Web3 and AI Horizons with the Unveiling of CM Lab in Kuala Lumpur

GreaterHeat (, a pioneering company from Singapore that specializes in AI and Web3 Infrastructure solutions, is excited to announce the launch of CM Lab in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This move marks an exciting new phase in the company’s journey, highlighting its strong dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology. 

Stepping into the spotlight, CM Lab, introduced as GreaterHeat’s sister company, assumes a pivotal role. This expansion involves the management and leasing of advanced AI servers, establishing a robust platform for the smooth operation of AI server technology. This strategic step emphasizes GreaterHeat’s mission of bridging technology with real-world needs, ensuring a harmonious blend of innovation and practicality.

Founded by David Li in 2021, GreaterHeat initially provided blockchain technology services that were stable, compliant, and cost-effective. Over time, the company’s evolution extended beyond blockchain, transforming it into a primary gateway for Web3. This evolution brought about a wide range of services, including hosting, finance, and decentralized storage – a testament to GreaterHeat’s adaptability and dedication to Web3 principles.

Starting in mid-2023, GreaterHeat embarked on an exciting journey by aligning its Web3-focused servers with the rapidly growing AI sector. This strategic shift involved substantial investments in computing and storage capabilities, reinforcing the company’s resolve to conquer the intricacies of AI infrastructure. This seamless transition into pioneering AI while maintaining Web3 services highlights GreaterHeat’s agility and leadership in both technological realms.

The company’s AI-focused strategy revolves around two essential dimensions:

1. Overcoming Infrastructure Challenges: GreaterHeat boldly invests in computing and storage capabilities, partnering with Nvidia, a global leader in GPUs, to obtain hardware for leasing and service development. This strategic collaboration positions GreaterHeat at the forefront of AI infrastructure, equipped with state-of-the-art resources to tackle the evolving demands of the tech landscape.

2. Tailored AI Solutions: Acknowledging the diverse needs of AI applications, GreaterHeat pioneers AI model training and customization services. This approach caters to entities seeking personalized AI models for specific tasks, while also addressing critical concerns related to data privacy. This nuanced strategy reflects GreaterHeat’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions with meaningful impact.

With over 100 global experts in blockchain, cryptography, and AI, GreaterHeat is poised to innovate and navigate the complexities of AI and Web3. “In an era of limitless technological potential, our partnership with CM Lab forms an ecosystem offering advanced AI solutions and expanding our presence to other regional countries. This collaboration integrates our strengths, with CM Lab aiding in exceptional AI server management and leasing,” shared David Li, Chairman and CEO of GreaterHeat. “Our vision transcends boundaries as we drive innovation at the AI and Web3 intersection. This partnership perfectly aligns with our forward-thinking approach, propelling us toward a future where technology unveils new possibilities.”

With a diverse client base including labs, institutions, businesses, and government departments, GreaterHeat’s influence extends across various sectors. The company achieved an impressive revenue of US$28 million in 2022, and David Li anticipates a 10-20% growth in revenue from AI infrastructure services by the latter half of 2023. The ambitious company aims for a Nasdaq listing in 2025, cementing its global leadership in the fusion of AI and Web3.

The expansion to Kuala Lumpur and the launch of CM Lab signify an exciting era where Web3 principles converge with AI innovation. As GreaterHeat continues to push boundaries and drive tech progress, its journey remains marked by relentless pursuit, guided by innovation, adaptability, and a commitment to shaping a transformative future where AI and Web3 intersect.


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