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GitHub for Startups Collaborates With Chainlink Labs To Support Chainlink BUILD Projects

Chainlink Labs, a developer of Chainlink, the industry-leading Web3 services platform, announced a collaboration with GitHub—the world’s largest AI-powered developer platform to build, scale, and deliver secure software—to support select startups in the Chainlink BUILD program. Through GitHub for Startups, eligible members of Chainlink BUILD can receive special access to the GitHub platform, exclusive education, and entry to a global startup community.

Both GitHub and Chainlink are established industry leaders. GitHub is home to 100M+ developers and 4M+ organizations, including 90% of the Fortune 100 companies, while Chainlink has enabled over $8T in value across Web3 and underpinned the growth of DeFi, blockchain-based gaming, and other major verticals.

“We’re excited to partner with Chainlink Labs to help support Chainlink BUILD members with enhanced access to GitHub Enterprise, networking events, technical resources, and more,” said Garrett Wood, Senior Manager, Startup Programs at GitHub. “Both Chainlink Labs and GitHub provide developers with secure, scalable, and cutting-edge technologies that enable the creation of highly robust applications, and together we will help developers build next-gen solutions.”

The Chainlink BUILD program helps Web3 projects scale successfully by providing them with enhanced access to Chainlink’s industry-leading Web3 services, in-depth technical expertise, and priority support from service providers in the Chainlink ecosystem. These service providers now include GitHub, and we’re excited to help leading Web3 startups build, scale, and ship their protocols.

“We’re excited to collaborate with GitHub and help Chainlink BUILD projects access the tools and services needed to help securely scale their Web3 applications,” said Kate Lane, Partnerships at Chainlink Labs. “With greater access to GitHub’s industry-leading platform, technical experts, and vast global network, they will be better positioned to build, test, and launch decentralized applications that achieve mass adoption.”

With GitHub’s focus on providing developers with the tools they need to develop highly secure and scalable software, there’s a natural fit between the GitHub platform and open-source community and the highly secure, reliable, and decentralized infrastructure of Web3. This collaboration provides an opportunity to expand the use of GitHub across Web3 and support the growth of highly secure and scalable dApps.

Through this collaboration, BUILD teams will have the core developer tools and services needed to create the next generation of world-changing applications.


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