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Defi Steward, Superfluid Introduce Real-Time Crypto AUM Billing For RIAs

Defi Steward, a leading decentralized finance and digital asset platform for investment advisors, today announces a potentially game-changing partnership with real-time finance protocol Superfluid. This collaboration will empower SEC-Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) to collect real-time streaming asset under management (AUM) fees on client crypto assets.

After successfully offering monthly streaming fee capabilities on non-custodial wallets, this latest integration with Superfluid represents the first and only compliant crypto AUM fee streaming system for on-chain RIAs in the United States. For investment advisors, this means they can now receive client payments in real-time on crypto assets without any delays or disruptions, eliminating the need for the traditional quarterly or annual billing cycle and providing more flexible and efficient payment methods for the clients they serve.

“We are excited to partner with Superfluid to bring real-time, compliant streaming AUM fees to investment advisors across the country,” said Steve Larsen, Founder of Defi Steward. “This integration will fundamentally change how advisors collect fees, providing a powerful win-win for both the advisor and the client.”

This announcement comes after Push Protocol awarded Defi Steward a grant as part of its Builder Grant Program to support developers in building innovative applications with Superfluid and Push Protocol. Defi Steward and Superfluid intend to lead the way into a new age in financial services, and financial professionals and investors alike can expect significant developments from this collaboration in the months and years to come.

“This partnership is a significant step in the development of the DeFi ecosystem,” said Francesco Renzi, Co-Founder of Superfluid. “Real-time finance is the future, and we’re proud to be part of a system that is enabling investment advisors to take advantage of DeFi’s efficiencies.”


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