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dappOS Announces V2 Roadmap

dappOS is thrilled to unveil the exciting roadmap for dappOS V2 and the incredible developments it will introduce in the upcoming months. Since its successful debut back in early October 2022, dappOS has achieved remarkable milestones, including enrollment in Binance Labs Incubation Program Season 5 and forging partnerships with over 20 projects. In June 2023, dappOS received a pre-seed investment from Binance Labs. It has been an eventful and productive journey for the dappOS team.

dappOS will support Benqi, Cheems, Curve, DeFi Kingdom, Frax Finance, GMX, KyberSwap, Lido, Perpetual, QuickSwap, StarryNift, SyncSwap and SynFutures as the first batch of projects to integrate dappOS V2. This will be a remarkable journey filled with shared goals, expertise and a commitment to excellence.

dappOS V2 represents a significant leap forward in terms of functionality and user experience that will revolutionize multi-chain operations, offering a host of advantages that include:

1.   Unified Account

Users will enjoy a seamless, ceFi-like experience as they manage their on-chain assets through a unified account, eliminating the need to differentiate between various chains. Instead, they can focus on the total balance of their funds.

2.Support for task dependency

dappOS V2 empowers users to confirm complicated, interdependent transactions across different chains with a single signature, whether they occur sequentially or in parallel.

3. New bidding system

The bidding system in dappOS V2 incorporates advanced functionalities for bidding and billing. This system allows nodes to participate in the network and generate revenue from their services.

dappOS V2 Roadmap

Stage 1 — Super Stable

To test and verify the system security, stability and versatility

1.1 The dappOS team, in collaboration with selected dApp partners, service nodes and users to test the functionalities and performance of dappOS V2.

1.2 Open access for whitelisted dApps and service nodes to independently integrate dappOS V2. Client users can access supported dApps without permission.

Stage 2 —Permissionless Access

dApps and service nodes can integrate independently without permission

2.1 Front-end SDK open-source, enabling any dApp to independently integrate the SDK.

2.2 Launch a platform for service nodes independent integration, providing open source solutions.

Stage 3 — Fully Decentralized

Achieve the full decentralization of super nodes and dappOS governance

3.1 dappOS token launch. Achieve the decentralization of transaction verification and slash mechanism.

3.2 Achieve the decentralization of bidding and order distribution system.

3.3 Set up a DAO to manage the protocol revenue, system upgrades and integration of new public chains.


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