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cSigma Finance Launches AI and Blockchain-Powered Debt Capital Platform

cSigma Finance, a New York based FinTech company, launched a debt capital platform that uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to connect credit investors with wholesale capital borrowers. The platform will increase efficiency and transparency in the $3 trillion SMB debt market.

The cSigma platform redesigned the private credit investing and management process using data and AI and enables a free flow of capital around the globe using Blockchain. “cSigma’s platform is a game-changer for the $3 trillion capital markets,” said Anil Jaladi, founder and CEO of cSigma Finance. “Our platform uses AI to source, analyze, and price credit opportunities, connecting them with borrowers in a way that wasn’t possible traditionally. This means wholesale capital borrowers can get the capital they need to grow their businesses quickly while investors can reduce risk and improve their returns.”

Key Benefits to Lenders:

  • Improved access to Institutional grade credit opportunities
  • Increased transparency: Provides an end-to-end view of capital deployment, helping Lenders to make better decisions
  • Reduced risk: Provides lenders with access to various data points, helping them assess and reduce risk.
  • Improved liquidity: Enables trading of credit positions, increasing liquidity in the private credit market.

Key Benefits to Borrowers:

  • Democratized access to capital:  cSigma’s platform can help early-stage, high-growth SMB fintech lenders to access institutional debt capital
  • Streamlined operations: The platform provides borrowers access to tools and services to present their credit quality and templated agreements to make the borrowing process faster for all parties.

 “The cSigma platform revolutionizes how BlueX approaches and manages the debt capital markets to support its trade financing business. It’s like having our own capital markets group as we scale. Using cSigma has allowed us to reach more lenders with a standardized, transparent, and highly analytical approach. It’s solidifying our commitment to deliver efficient and effective financial solutions to SMB importers and exporters globally.” says John Fang, VP of Finance of BlueX Trade, a payments and financing logistics platform with over 25,000 importers and exporters.


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