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Bridge Built By People From Hong Kong To Connect Digital Art Collections To Real-Life Culture

Since the beginning of 2019, the rapid growth of NFT shows a spurt of development trend. For the masses involved, it is not just a flash in the pan, but a long-term transformation process of digital branding. For Hong Kong and even globally, this is the time when we are about to enter a metaverse of digitalization packed with technology. Enterprises that invest in digital arts and metaverse will most definitely benefit the most in future branding and marketing. 

NFT has its unique attractiveness to many young ones due to its nature of being a digital certificate of the contract of blockchain technology that tokenizes items such as art pieces, collections, or even real estate. merges reality and modern technology into one., currently working deeply with multiple projects, Bunny warriors, Kung-fu warriors, Investmansky, Bossy lion, 喱dao, Hertz, co-creating versatile artworks with digital art and modern art combined. 

69ceo, the founder of stated that, since metaverse’s immense debut, it comes as no surprise that NFT has become one of the most talked about topics and the center of attention among young people. The core concept of digital art collection and its immense diversity of IP has caught customers’ eyes, and also the recognition of the values of digital collectibles. With the recognition and respect from the same social group with owned collectibles, while having metaverse’s unique identity, digital collection and IP merges into a brand new market for young people. At the same time, he also mentioned the original intention of establishing a physical art gallery for NFT: “The knowledge of crypto and NFT-related concepts are still relatively outdated in Hong Kong when compared with the other countries. I hope the gallery can provide a place to gather like-minded partners and expand the development of digital art in Hong Kong. 

The advent of the metaverse acts as a road bridge between the “global physical line” and the “virtual world”. When we talk about inheriting culture and preserving historical time, it is integrated with the definition of the metaverse. It allows the physical line to permanently transform through intelligence. Guarding culture and art with digital collections is also a distinctive and independent innovation of culture and art. 

The gallery located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong has newly opened, taking a huge step forward for the next modern technological development in Hong Kong. In the following days, the gallery will continue to deepen itself, striving for opportunities to cooperate with several projects, introducing and engaging the public with more artistic works. It serves as a community in order to provide a platform for art exchanges. It aims to improve and integrate the atmosphere of NFT technology and art in Hong Kong and make technology and art full of life. 


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