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Bitcoin Association for BSV Zero-Knowledge Hackathon winners share $45,000 in prize money

 Bitcoin Association for BSV, in partnership with sCrypt, is pleased to announce that judging for the first-ever BSV Zero-Knowledge Hackathon is now complete and are announcing the winners.

The hackathon was aimed at encouraging developers to build new applications using zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) while growing the BSV community.

A zero-knowledge proof lets one party (a prover) who claims to know a secret, convince another party (a verifier) that the claim is valid, whilst not revealing the secret. Because of the hiding nature of ZKP, it can be used in many cases where privacy is desirable. More importantly, it can also be used as a building block to construct more sophisticated protocols.

The hackathon proved to be an overwhelming success with more than 920 participants and 60 submissions received covering a range of subjects and use cases. 

The winning developers were selected by a list of all-star judges, including: 

  • Dr Craig S. Wright – Chief Scientist, nChain & Founder of SVPool
  • Dr Jack Rogers – Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Exeter
  • Jens Groth – Director of Research at DFINITY Honorary Professor at Department of Computer Science at UCL
  • Jad Wahab – Director of Engineering at BSV Blockchain Association
  • Xiaohui Liu – sCrypt Inc Founder and CEO.
  • Dr Enrique Larraia

Congratulations to our winners 

The top three submissions are: 

Congratulations to the top three developers who take home their share of $45,000 in cryptocurrency prizes. BitcoinAssociation for BSV would also like to extend a thank you to everyone who submitted a project to the hackathon and helped explore this important topic further.

Many excellent submissions were received, making it difficult to narrow it down to just three winners, and encourage all participants to take part in the next hackathon. Please find a gallery of all submitted projects here


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