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API3 Integrates QuintessenceLabs to Provide QRNG Service

QuintessenceLabs, an industry leader in quantum cybersecurity, announced that API3, a provider of first-party data feed services such as decentralised application programming interfaces (dAPIs), has selected QuintessenceLabs’ qStream(™) Entropy-as-a-Service (EaaS) solution to provide truly random numbers for API3 QRNG, a public good quantum RNG service for smart contracts.

The qStream quantum random number generator (QRNG) uses quantum physics to create truly random numbers, making them virtually unhackable, even by quantum computers. This is critical for sensitive applications like gaming, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and generative art, where maximum security is desired. Unlike pseudo-random number generators, which do not use quantum science, qStream creates true entropy so the numbers it generates can’t be re-created by criminals seeking to compromise encryption.

“As the adoption of decentralised technologies continues to rise, the need for prioritising security and privacy becomes even more critical. By offering QRNG as a public good, API3 and Quintessence Labs play a crucial role in equipping developers with a powerful tool to access entropy in their applications,” said Ashar Shahid, protocol engineer for API3.

Through the deployment of Airnode, API3 will provide the output of qStream as a public good, providing developers on 19 blockchains with QRNG. Currently, the permissionless oracle service has seen 85k requests with on-chain prediction markets, gaming, NFT, and lottery dApps utilising the data feed. The qStream service will provide Web3 developers with access to modern encryption that cannot be compromised.

“True entropy is the key to providing secure encryption keys,” said Skip Norton, VP of Business Development for QuintessenceLabs. “If adversaries can’t crack the encryption keys, then they can’t compromise the content. By using our qStream entropy as a service, API3 is giving its customers unparalleled security, while enjoying the convenience of accessing QRNG as a service.”

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